Do Unto Others

My husband is a snacker (so am I) and he'll often ask me to make him popcorn.  After he has had some kind of other snack.  I often refuse and tell him it's because he just ate ______ .

Anywho...the other night I came home from visiting my grandmother in the hospital.  After eating dinner I proceeded to munch on a handful of pistachios.

Shortly after I got up and said to my hubby, "I have the munchies and want to eat something."

To which he replied, "You just ate dinner and pistachios, you really shouldn't eat anything else."

At first I was irritated because I knew he was telling me exactly what I say to him all of the time.  (How dare he!?!)  As I was reaching for some carby snack I said, "You're right.  I'll wait."  I put the bowl back into the cabinet and walked back to the living room to return to my crocheting.  Pretty soon, I realized that I was full and that I only wanted to eat because I was upset about my grandmother's health. 


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