Balancing Time and Money with Smart Phones

If you don't have a smart phone and you're thinking it is only for the technologically advanced, think again. It may take a bit of a learning curve, but most of these phones are pretty user friendly. There are many benefits that can help the average person save money, time and help to organize your life. Like that paper shopping list you always mean to take to the store, but when you get there you realize you left it at home; just a thing of the past. I know for myself, I always want to get the best deal possible, which is one of the main reasons I love my iPhone so much. Nothing irks me more than buying something and then seeing it on sale elsewhere. Sure, smart phones cost more up front with the data plan, but I know it has prevented me numerous times from getting unnecessarily ripped off.
Although I love getting a good deal, I wouldn't call myself a shopper per-say. Maybe this isn't typical, but I personally can't stand wandering around aimlessly in a store trying to find something. That's probably why I find myself shopping and comparing more on my phone; it simply has helped me save time. I wanted to share a few apps that have saved me money and time, cause let's face it...time IS money.

1) Allrecipes: I have literally replaced my recipe books (for the most part) and utilize this in my kitchen instead. The dinner spinner is free, but you can purchase the paid version for about $2.99, which gives you access to all those great recipes you see online. Not only can you view them, you can create your recipe box and access them anywhere. Have you ever been in a grocery store and wanted to make that favorite recipe, but forgot the ingredients? This app is a perfect solution for that - it even let's you create a grocery list right from the recipe itself!

2) Redlaser: This app scans bar codes, which is a quick and easy way to do a price comparison.

3) Amazon Mobile: I'm biased, but I shop on Amazon ALL the time. Amazon also has a bar code scanner. Scan + Compare + Purchase = Done.

4) Groupon: If you haven't tried Groupon yet, you seriously don't know what you're missing. From a pedicure to discounts on your favorite local restaurants, essentially you can get a price break on just about anything.

5) Key Ring: Okay, I just discovered this and it is the coolest! How many times have you gone to the store and either forgot the store card that gives you discounts, or had to sift through a large chunk of them on your key ring. Annoying right? This app can also help families save money by using the same cards to build points for gas, etc. What a great way to un-clutter the wallet or key ring!

These are just five apps I find most helpful, but I know I have only scratched the service of what's out there. Besides, I haven't even mentioned the fact that my phone has helped me track calories, mileage on the treadmill and...oh yeah, how it has literally helped organize my life. But those topics are for another day! ;-)


  1. I agree with you! I love my smart phone (Droid)! There are a few apps that make life so much easier.

    I love Wunderlist. It is free and I have an app on my phone, iPad, and desktop. The beauty of it is that it syncs to all my devices regardless of where I am. I can make my grocery list, and any other to-do lists that I need.

    I also love the two Weight Watchers apps that are on my phone (and iPad) ~ the official Weight Watchers app that Helps me stay on plan. But they now have a barcod scanner that will scan the barcode of a grocery item and tell you what the PointsPlus value is!

    I definitely need to check out the key ring app you mentioned!


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