Jersey Shore or Spartan Cheerleaders?

I am sitting here watching Jersey Shore re-runs, possibly season one.  It's the episode that Snooki gets punched in the face by a frat boy. MTV posted a public service statement that if you know anyone who is being.abused who you can contact.

Interestingly enough we are flipping between VH1's airing of SNL's The Best of Will Ferrell.  There was a slit of the Spartan Cheerleaders where Will Ferrell's character tells Cheri Oterri's.character that she has split ends. Cheri's character tells him, "I appreciate your honesty, but that was still hurtful."

My question is this...if we taught children (and engaged this behavior ourselves) to respond to hurtful and stressful situations in this way would we still need to issue public service announcements?


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