Digraph Winter Scene

There are five days before Christmas and three days before winter vacation begins. The schedule is off due to holiday assemblies and performances. The energy is electric. I always try to schedule a long-term project that will culminate close to these hectic times. I find that they keep the children calm, engaged, and focused on learning. I tend to schedule projects like creating informative websites, recreating Native American Villages, performing Shakespeare (yes, I read Shakespeare with third graders) or plays so that the culminating project falls near these dates.

Yes, we need to keep the schedule as routine as possible. Yes, we need to keep the routines of what we do: bathrooms, workshop model, arrival, dismissal, etc. just that; routine. However...sometimes children need more. A short - term, or mini project, is perfect for these high energy times. Below is a mini project we worked on to practice the spelling and sorting of digraphs. It allowed the children to work with words while maintaining an intense focus on their creation.

make snow

build snowman
add face, hat, & buttons

sprinkle stars & shine


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