More ❤ for Evernote

I know I have chatted up about Evernote before (here and here), but I have to share yet another brilliant use for it! In another recent post I chatted about some ways my friends and I share learning in a project based classroom.  I'm not quite sure why I didn't think of it before, but here is yet another spectacular way to use it ... share student work with  parents. 

If your students do a great deal of work online, like mine do...send a web clip to Evernote.  Have a folder set up for each child, or parent and set that notebook up to be shared with the parent.  They can access it and view what their child is or has been working on online.  Now because I am a goodreads and e-folio fan this makes it nice for me because I provide my students with feedback right there as well.  Which means their parents can see and leave feedback, too!

My kiddos aren't online all of the time, but a lot of the other work they do, is done collaboratively or in notebooks.  While one notebook (Readers / Writers Notebook) goes home, others don't.  That's a lot of work they may not see.  When I'm walking around conferring with my students I can quickly snap a pic and add it to the Evernote notebook! 

Also, I don't know about you, but in my state we are RtI (SRBI) crazy.  We are tracking the work we do with struggling students.  Parents often want to know what their child is struggling with and how they are being helped.  Two things can happen here: pictures of the student engaging in the individualized instruction or the documentation of their progress. 

Again, a great tool for parents to answer that question that kiddos struggle to answer, "What'd you do in school today?"  Some may believe that by sharing all of this you are giving parents too much power.  But I'm of the belief that if we aren't doing anything wrong, then why aren't we sharing?  Plus, all parents want the absolute best for their child.


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