Last summer I came across this activity on Twitter called 'The Smarties Game'.
  1. Each person gets a roll of Smarties.
  2. Display the color code so that everyone can see what is required of each color.
  3. Participants find a partner and talk to them, using the color code as a guide.  
  4. Each participant shares and eats their Smarties as they go their separate ways to meet a new partner.
  5. Participant/student repeats with a new partner.
For example, I would get up and find a partner.  If I pulled out an orange Smarties I would tell my partner about a time that I tried something new.  My partner would then tell me something about him/herself based on the colored Smarties s/he pulls out.  We then eat our Smarties as we leave each other to find a new partner and repeat with the next color we pull out.  

Although a game I typically use with adults and adolescents to establish connections and build community, today I played this game with my third graders.  To kick off our integrated unit on Animal Adaptations we read from The Great Kapok Tree, Rain Forest posters, and a brief article about the Rain Forest.  After reading the article the children mingled, via Smarties, to share facts from the article.  The color Smarties on top determined how many facts to share.  They had to share with at least three people.  I really enjoyed using this game in this way with my students for a few reasons.
  • it held them accountable for the reading they were to do
  • it required they talk to a variety of people including some they may not typically talk with
  • it helped them process the information in multiple ways: reading, hearing, and speaking
  • I can use this as a baseline activity to do again with more complex thinking
  • they had fun

I've 'played' this game with Smarties, Starburst, M&Ms, and cubes.  
Each helps you reach the same goal. 


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