My Teacher Bag

Today began my tenth year of teaching. And in those ten years I have collected a great deal of bags. Teachers seem to like bags, or companies and organizations seem to think they do, and so anytime I attend a conference a new bag is added to my collection.

There must be something to that perception because I have friends and colleagues who walk into and out of work with, at minimum, three bags filled to the brim. Every day. Bags stuffed with papers, books, lesson plans, and grade books.

This year, since June-ish, I have been in a purging mood. Trying to get myself into a 'less is more' frame of mind. So I figured that I would start the school year in much the same way. Other than my lunch and plenty of bottled water all I brought into work with me today was this:

It's really all I need: conferring notes, rubrics, lesson plan notes, access to student work, books... Not to mention I can keep up to date with work emails and memos if needed. It was quite nice bringing home only a bag filled with empty water bottles (will work on that next). And my shoulder thanked me.


  1. It is so true!!!! I walk in with a bag of papers and lessons, my computer bag, my purse, a bag of books or something for the classroom & of course, my coffee. It amazes me that I even make it to the door. And as I'm walking into school I (literally) bump into my colleagues who are also bringing in just as many or even bulkier bags.....

    I must invest in an iPad too as I like the Less is More mantra!

    Thanks for sharing!


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