Driving with my husband this morning I was lamenting on how my car has caused me to be dependent on him and others for transportation. I began to feel suffocated because I was limited in where I could go. What if I want to got to Dunkin Donuts in the morning? What if I realize on my way in to work that I need something for the day and can't get to the store to get it? I quickly became panicked realizing that if I had 'stuff to do' I had today to do it with our now one car.

I was panicking because I felt like my independence was being stripped away from me. My car means going wherever I want whenever I want for however long I want. And then I began to wonder what was the symbol for independence before cars? What is today's symbol?

I don't see today's teen going gaga over getting their license. In fact, I see them putting it off until they absolutely have no choice in getting it. That's what my youngest sister did. My two cousins who live two doors down from me did the same thing. But do you know what these teens and twenty-something's can't live without?

Their devices. Yep. Getting online to socialize whether it's text, IM, Facebook, or gaming they want to be online. I get it. Because online they can do what they want when they want with who they want. Freedom. Independence.

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