Building Reading Habits

We've been talking about what it means to be a reader and reflecting on our summer reading. They have made some thoughtful insights into their reading habits like this:

We were continuing the conversation today during Morning Meeting prompted by a quick poll on the Morning Message.

I asked my students about how much they read each night at home. The class was fairly split with about 1/2 reading 30 minutes or more and the other 1/2 reading less than 20 minutes a night. Before we began Morning Meeting one of my students shared something her family does at home and I could not wait to have her share it with her classmates!

Once we read the message I threw some Lucy Calkins at them (as I'm prone to do). "Remember how we were talking the other day about how the more you read the more you know, and the more you know the more you grow? Well they've actually done research that proves this. And do you know that they recommend you read for the same amount of time at home that you read at school?" The children were in awe and eager to see how long we would read today.

And that's when I nudged my little friend and encouraged her to share what her family does at home. "My family reads together every night for an hour. We all get together in the same room and we each read our own books. Sometimes we interrupt each other's reading to share. But we do this every day no matter what. Even holidays." A bunch of hands shot up when I asked who thought they'd like to try that at home. I'm really excited to get my kiddoes thinking about their reading habits outside of school!

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