Re-Thinking Classroom Design hopes to create my classroom one of these two ways have been dashed.

 Do you see that computer table in the bottom left corner?  Well the thing is a monstrosity that I sadly can not get rid of, and truly puts a crimp in my decorative style.  Thankfully, two of my friends went in with me and another friend was already there to help me.  I have to say it was really hard for me to give up this idea, but once I did...its grown on me a bit.

I still have yet to figure out what I'm going to do with that bookshelf in the upper left corner.  Right now its empty.  It used to hold the audio books, but since purchasing new baskets at the dollar store for my classroom, I suddenly have a lot more space!  These baskets hold a lot more books and I'm thankful for it.  Of course, I do have to figure out where I'm going to put my math materials.  Maybe that shelf is a good place for them.  And I have science and social studies materials that are being housed in the janitor's closet that can now go in the cabinets below the biographies.  This will make things so much easier for me when it comes time to set up hands on activities!

One of the things that I love since I've been able to utilize space better in my classroom is that I now have more spots for my students to work.  In other words there is plenty of floor space for my layers and spreaders to go.  I am contemplating buying a couple more bean bag chairs for them to do this.  Once I've got it all done, I will steal (borrow) Justin Stortz's idea of doing a video tour of the classroom so you and my students can see how it is decorated.


  1. Classroom design and arrangement is melting my brain at the moment. My students' first day is tomorrow, so I am saying that it's good enough for now. The great thing is that we can always change it later if it doesn't work.

    I really like how your bookshelves circle the perimeter of your room. I think I'd love that.


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