Maybe You Can Relate

I've noticed over these past five years an expansion.  Not in my class size; this year's class will be the smallest I've ever had.  Not in the amount of work I have to do...yet.  Nor have I noticed it in widening the circle of collaboration in public schools (things are still pretty top down). 

The expansion I've noticed is in my weight.  It could be because I'm aging. And as you know our metabolism decreases as our age increases.  It could be because my food intake doesn't quite balance with my physical output.  There are a couple of other factors that could come into play as well like stress and time.  Whatever it is, inevitably every year I pack on another 10 - 15 pounds. Which isn't good for my rather short frame. 

As teachers we have the tendency to put others ahead of ourselves.  We forget to eat and then become so hungry that we then over eat.  Or we cram as much food into our mouths during a 15 minute lunch. And then we wake up early and/or stay late to get things prepared for the day making it difficult to find time to exercise. 

Do we sabotage our health?  Are we making martyrs out of our bodies?  And if we are how does that benefit our end result of impacting the lives of children and ultimately impacting our global society?  My question to you is...How do you take yourself? How do you make sure that you are eating healthy?  How do you find time to exercise?  How do you balance / reconcile all of that with the stress and pressures of teaching?


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