A Little Help

As I've said in some of my tweets and previous posts, I am purging this summer.  Working to minimize.  I started in my classroom at the end of the school year and will continue to do so once the floors are waxed and I can get back in there.  The same is true for my home.  I now have many empty walls and rooms because there is less stuff.  Having been without a computer for exactly one month, I have been unable to do so with my tech life.  But now that I have one again, I am ready to purge online as well. 

So here is my dilemma.  I have a separate website created for the graduate courses I teach.  I would like to somehow combine them with one of my other (many) sites.  I do not think that it is appropriate for me to put that info on my classroom website because while teachers do access my site, it is mainly for students and parents, and I think it would become a bit cumbersome.  But I think I may have a couple of other possibilities and would love some feedback!

Having become a blogger, I was thinking that I could move the resources to my blog.  My dilemma here is that I can only have ten pages here on blogger and I'm not sure I'd have enough room.  (Although I think I could make it work somehow.)  And I'm also not sure about having my personal blog associated with the college I work for.

And having become an edcamper, I now have a Posterous account.  I have yet to actually put anything on this account, but am noticing that it has some possibilities.  One being that Posterous is more like a Ning and I could invite my grad students to be contributors, and this possibility of a collaborative online environment.  But I've never used  Posterous before, so I'm not sure exactly how or if this would work.

Before becoming an edcamper and gaining a Posterous account, I was contemplating creating a Facebook page.  This too, would allow the graduate students to post and collaborate online.  The added bonus being that many of them already have Facebook accounts making it easy for them to like the page, get links to articles/blogs/videos that are pertinent to our topics.

I know that it's all based on my preference and purpose, but I would love to hear success stories from those of you using Posterous and/or Facebook with students (any age).  Thanks so much!!!


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