Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What Do We Really Need

As soon as I got on to the back roads approaching the conference I was attending today, I began to think about staying. Immediately, I could smell the sea air wafting in through my car AC and had to roll the windows down to get the full effect! And the quaintness of the town struck my heart.

Which got me thinking...what do we really need? As I fantasize about calling my husband and telling him to pack the cat & sell the house to meet me up here, I wonder...Is there anything else in my home that I would need? Not really. There is very little in my home that has sentimental value. Or that could not be replaced.

Imagine if we approached teaching in that way? Having only in our classrooms that which could not be replaced, regardless of how much it cost. What strategies would we rely on? How would our pedagogy then be defined?

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