Spoiled? Me?

Jokingly, I call myself a spoiled brat. And somehow that notion has seeped into my professional life. While I can partially understand why some colleagues may think that ... In reality, it has more with how I choose to conduct my life.

Don't expect anything. Having grown up to the far left of privileged I learned long ago not to expect anything from anyone. When people choose to give me or my classroom gifts, I happily accept. I don't expect to get NOOKs or an IWB in my classroom. But when someone asks, "Would you like..." I say yes. I see them as gifts and accept them as such.

Embrace opportunities. Everything in our life is an opportunity. It is up to us to see it as such. So when I am asked to switch grades, teach a new class, attend a workshop, etc. I say yes. What does it hurt me to try these things? If I end up not liking it at least I have tried it and was able to make that decision myself.

It doesn't hurt to ask. If I want something, I ask for it. The worst thing someone can say to me is no. And if I want it badly enough, or see a strong enough need for it ... I will keep on asking or find another way to fund it.

Do your research. If I am requesting that my principal or school district plunk down some money I make sure I have valid reasons why they do so. If possible, I have articles ready to show the benefits of what I am requesting.

It's okay if you don't get what you ask for. This goes back to me not expecting anything. Because most of what I request costs money I understand that there is always a possibility that the money is not there. I do not complain. If I were to complain, the likelihood of me getting anything else I ask for in the future is zero.

Never brag. As happy as I am when I do get something, I refrain from behaving like the town crier and announcing it over the intercom. So, running to my colleagues and telling them what I just got for my classroom is not something I do. That would be cruel, particularly if they asked for the same thing, or something else, and were denied.

Am I spoiled? Hardly.


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