What's PD?

Apple Learning Tours came to our district the other day. I've seen the same team before and I know they've made this same comment before.  This time it resonated with me. 
     "Do you know how much PD I get? Zero. That's right. Zero. I'm.   
     expected to know these products in and out. I better know them
     if I'm going to talk to people about them."
Hmmm...I often hear educators say, How do they expect me to know how to_____ if they don't give me PD?" Or,  "The technology is great but it would be even better if my district provided PD to show me how to use it."

Are we just using this as an excuse to NOT do something? I know this isn't true for everyone because I'm a curious girl. If I want to know about something, I seek information. Just four years ago I didn't known what a graphic novel was, but I did some research and now have books on how to write them.  Sit and wait for someone to meet our needs? Not for me!


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