Like Riding A Bike

We are outraged when we hear children are engaged in inappropriate and/or mean-spirited behavior online.  And then we block social networks like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter in schools.  Prohibiting the use of them in classrooms.  A safe place for children to learn how to engage appropriately (and in a new way) with social media.  Children across the country are missing out on empowering opportunities that social media provides. 

My question is, this.  It is an expectation that children learn how to ride a bike (or swim) as a child.  Would we demand that they know how to do this well without ever providing them with access to a bicycle (or water)?  Would we expect them to hop on a two-wheeler without ever having experienced the safety that a tricycle (or floaties) provides?


  1. Tracy, we are always going to disagree on this. We wouldn't expect to be teaching students to ride a bike or swim at school. These are activities that are almost exclusively taught at home. Please, come spend a day in a high school where nearly all students have smart phones and would constantly be on Facebook and other social outlets. We can not teach everything, as much as we may want to.


  2. Jeanne, I was commenting back to you and realized that I was really just writing another post. Please check out my post from the 13th. Love the dialogue we engage in!


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