Not a Rite

Bullying is NOT a rite of passage.  So many adults say, "I went through it as a kid, and I turned out fine." when their child is a victim or perpetrator of bullying.  Comments such as these are comparable to saying that bullying is a birth right.  Which it is not.  Being the oldest of five and oldest grandchild of seven (on each side) I have been around plenty of infants.  Not one of them ever said, "I can not wait to be bullied," or "I can not wait to be a bully."  Never. 

Let's change how we handle unkind comments.  Let's make it a point to speak to our students and children, often, about how to treat other people.  Let's show them what it looks like and sounds like to treat others with kindness.  Let's expect that everyone, not just children, speak kindly to each other.  With respect.  Because it is our right to be treated with respect.  It is our right to feel safe and free in our homes, schools, neighborhoods, and world.  Always.


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