Monday, April 11, 2011

Its Time

I love my smartphone.  Really.  I do.  I love having tweetdeck on my phone so that I can keep up to date with my PLN.  I love having news apps so that I can keep up on whats happening around the country and world.  I love the game & NOOK apps so that i can have downtime when I am away from home.  I love it. Honestly.

One of the perks (?) Of a smartphone is being connected all the time. With friends, family, coworkers.  I can phone, text, or email.  Maybe it occurred to me while at NELMS.  Where I was disconnected from all of that because I had limited service.  Come Sunday I was ready to face professional life is overrunning my personal.

So this morning, while speaking to my assistant principal,  I decided to remove my work email from my phone.  I feel like I work hard for my students.  I spend time in and out of work to plan for them.  I collect resources.  I create engaging lessons/units.  I try to model what it means to be a responsible human being on and offline.  I try to deal with behaviors as they arise.  I try.

But I think it is time to leave my job at the classroom door.  I will still work at home to prepare for my students.  But I can no longer allow work related emails interfere with my time away from the classroom.  I need to have a clear head so I can sleep soundly.  So i can think clearly with my students. So I can give them my all.  It has been a difficult decision for me to make. But a necessary one. 

Would love to hear how others handle their professional and personal lives!