Realtime Tweets

Last night as I was searching, and searching, and searching for a way to archive my tweets (as I have been for a couple of weeks now) and I finally found one.  I should clarify that specifically what I wanted to do was to archive, or keep a record of, particular hashtags.  I wanted a record of the conversations that my students have on Twitter.  I also wanted easy access to the workshop and conference notes I have been taking on Twitter.

At first I was using Twapper Keeper.  A great archiving tool.  You can type in the hashtag and it will search for every tweet that used it and keep it there for you.  I have created two archives with Twapper Keeper, but cannot create anymore because they are currently working on the site and are not accepting new subscriptions.  If they were, I would continue to use them.  But since I ran into that little snag I was on the hunt again.

A couple of weeks ago I attended a Lucy Calkins workshop and tweeted my notes.   I knew that with the increasing number of tweets everyday, a month later I may not be able to retrieve that hashtag unless others were currently tweeting with it.  I also knew that every tweet has an url so that they are somewhere in cyberspace.   With these two pieces of knowledge I was confident that there would be some FREE tool to do what I needed.  There it was, hidden in the lengths of my Google search ~ a little nugget called Google Realtime.  Leave it to Google to come up with a simple archive tool!  What it does is allows you to search social media.  (I apologize ahead of time for not knowing all the ins and outs, but I'm a Tweetaholic so that was really my focus.)  It truly is that simple.  I put the hash-tag (#lucycalkins) in and BAM it pulled up every tweet with the hash-tag!  Here are a few I've been able to do, elapsed time not being an issue:


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