A New Look

Responsive Classroom has a new look and feel to their website.  While the information and articles are the same, there are a few new exciting things.  They have designed the site to make it easier to access information based on your needs on interests.  There are tabs designed specifically for folks who are new to Responsive Classroom, educators currently living Responsive Classroom, and administrators.  At the bottom of the home page, they have a few things highlighted such as the blog, ideas by practicing RC teachers, and upcoming PD.  Speaking of the blog...you can sign up to receive new blog posts (or Responsive Classroom Newsletter) directly to your email.

You can join the website.  Creating an account allows you to connect to educators around the world.  This should also make it easier for you to purchase items on the store.  Speaking of the store, it is easier to locate books and other resources in the store

With just a few clicks you can access additional resources.  They have a NEW YouTube Channel that includes videos of teachers implementing RC practices.  If you are currently a YouTube user &/or member you can sign up to receive notifications of when they post new videos.  They are posting these same videos in their multimedia section under 'Teacher Resources'.

For all of you Facebook users, they have a Facebook page.  Some of you may already be familiar with this.  If you didn't realize this and would like to become a fan, you can click on the Facebook icon.  They post links to articles and exterior blog posts here.  They also do contests and give aways based on questions they pose on Facebook. A lot of teachers use their Facebook page to get ideas and support from each other.

If you are new to Responsive Classroom, or a seasoned practitioner be sure to check out their NEW website!


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