Reviewing What We Do Well

My students have been using twitter on a daily basis for some time now.  They use other social media such as blogs and email.  They've learned how to do a few things on twitter:
  • tweet
  • use hashtags, #, to have a conversation
  • retweet
  • reply
Along the way we have had numerous conversations about using twitter responsibly.  We've begun to create a 'twittequitte' list, and will continue to add to it as the year goes on.  One of my students asked yesterday as we were reviewing our twittequitte, "Why do we need a reminder of all of this if we do this really well?"

A great question that was hard for me to hide the good feelings I was having about it.  Ultimately, my goal is for my students to learn how to interact with others, in person and online.  I thought for a hot second and replied, "Because you do this well, you have the power to change how people talk to each other online."


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