Constructing Workshop

I teach using the workshop model. I tend to keep my mini-lessons brief; 5-15 minutes. Followed by students practicing/applying what I've taught them up to & including that day. Workshop is ended by us coming back together to share what we tried. During the practice time I confer w/students; reinforcing the great things they are doing& using those to build what they may be struggling with.

Of all of that I enjoy conferring the most. I feel as if my students get my undivided attention. I think the routine of workshop is appreciated by the kiddoes. They know what is expected, & can fulfill those expectations independently (even if they can't independently do what I taught).

Workshop is great for reading & writing. Each day I'm teaching strategies & the kids know they can choose which to use on any given day. I like to say that I also have a math& inquiry (science/social studies) workshop. But do I? Really? Do reading & writing naturally lend themselves to a workshop model because of their holistic nature? Are math& inquiry, although conceptual, more difficult to fit into a workshop model because of their linear nature? Or do I need to re-educate myself on them?
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