The Power of One

All it takes is one. One child to know how to do something. After that, all bets are off. Those of you who use games or center activities in your classroom are well aware of this.

After choosing a media format to share their summer reading the kiddoes dove into creating. They worked in small groups or independently, & had choosen 1 of 3 formats (glogster, blabberize, or paper poster). Would it have been better to have the formats similar to teach the same skills? Possibly, but the point was to differentiate to meet needs& preferences.

As I walked around assisting I noticed what the child / group was working on. I asked questions about what they wanted to do. Then, I showed them how to achieve their goal. This allowed them to not only immediately apply what I had just taught, but to then share their new-gained knowledge with their classmates. Teaching each other they have now created an environment that is safe for all of them to take risks. It is safe for them to know as well as not to know.

All it takes is one. One person, one group. Take a risk. Spread the passion of learning.
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