Plotting Ahead

During our Around the Circle Share today my students shared 1 thing they were looking forward to this week. Many of them said "using technology". Although many see a computer as a toy ~ they DO use it to play games. I am hoping to teach them that it is a powerful tool.

We've only carted the netbooks in our room a handful of times this year. We are in the third week of school. Yet I've got kiddoes FINDING ways to get plugged in. I saw one of my students using her mother's smartphone. Another continued working on his glog over the weekend. Another taught himself how to use Movie Maker (I'm thinking he discovered that on our website. ) Others are trying to figure out how to maximize their MP3 Players. And others are seeking help from friends & family members to build upon the few things I have taught them.

It is my plan at the beginning of every school year to inspire children to be this intrinsically motivated. I never dreamed it would happen in this way or this quickly.

I want to keep the momentum going. I need to continue finding ways to incorporate technology into the classroom; even when the labs are unavailable. I'm thinking. I'm plotting. I see a lab in our very near future!
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