New Peeps = New Tweets

I can barely contain my excitement ~ Day 2 & we already have 11 tweets!  I wasn't sure how excited my new students were going to be about using Twitter.  Well, it turns out that they <3 it!  As soon as I introduced our page to them they bubbled with excitement saying things like, "I can't believe we are on Twitter!"  "I can't get a Facebook page until I'm 18, this is cool!"  They already feel invested in it, calling it theirs. 

And, they are enjoying deciding what to tweet about.  Right now we are stopping at a couple of points in the day & reflecting on what we've done so far.  Although this is not how I had originally intended to tweet, it is working.
  1. They are recalling what we did as a class.
  2. They are synthesizing what we've done, relaying their sense of importance & excitement.
  3. They are anticipating when to tweet. "Are we going to tweet this?"  "When will we tweet again?"
  4. The more we tweet, the better formed their thoughts are.
  5. They are discussing & carefully choosing what they want to tweet ~ words that will relay their thoughts.
At this rate I am anticipating that because of the type of modeling that is occurring right now they will be able to independently tweet by next week (with a partner & less guidance). It will only be a matter of time before I can teach them how to retweet, follow, & create chats!  I wonder...what will we tweet tomorrow


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