Living in the Clouds

All I can say is WOW!  I have spent the last few days watching & catching up on sessions from the FREE e-conference The Reform Symposium!  I've only seen a fraction of the conferences so far, but of the ones I've seen I am inspired!

Having dabbled with twitter in my classroom, this summer I dove head - first into the twittersphere.  Now, I thought that my learning had grown exponentially just from being on twitter & that it couldn't get any better.  I grossly underestimated!  Using twitter as a professional made me excited about possibilities for my students this year.  Yet, I was hesitant about whether it would be feasible with 3rd graders.  All of that has disappeared since participating in & viewing the #rscon sessions.  I've seen how 1st & 2nd graders are using twitter.  I've seen how one classroom functions critically in a paperless environment.  I've learned how to be a better teacher without grades.  Igniting passion in our students.  Using tools for more than pizaaz!  Students teaching teachers.  Back channeling (I didn't even know what it was & now <3 it!).

But of all the things I learned (technologically) I have to say that the 1 thing I've taken away from these sessions is to go for it.  Trust yourself.  Try new things.  Be fearless.  Expect failures, but also expect greatness.  I have never been so pumped to get back into the classroom while at the same time feeling relaxed. 

Thanks to everyone who worked behind & in front of the scenes to pull this event together!


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