Oh...the Possibilities!

Being a techie teacher, I get excited when I discover new technological tools.  I love to play, but I also know that one of the many tools will fit the needs of one of my students in some way.  Being an inclusion teacher I know just how difficult it can be to be meet the needs of all of my students at an appropriate level of challenge.  This year, like previous years, I have children with a range of literacy & cognitive abilities.  Although this year, I feel better equipped to meet this challenge.  Have I received additional literacy training?  Actually, this is the 1st year in many that I have NOT.  I have, however, received an abundance of PD from my PLN from the comfort of my home, car, & beach blanket.  The resources they have shared via websites, blogs, & their own ideas have made me feel better equipped to meet my students' needs.

Example: I have a child entering my classroom who has been labeled ID, possible FAS & short - term memory issues.  Having spoken to her SPED teachers I have discovered that what they have done with her (phonics lessons, flashcards, etc.) has had limited & mixed results.  This particular child, who despite her learning challenges, comprehends the social implications of her disabilities ("Do people think I'm stupid because they keep making me work with kids who can't talk.") 

So...I began thinking.  What if I use my arsenal of technology to provide her with a means of success?  What if I...
  • provide her with animated books to foster a love of reading?
  • show her how to create photo stories?
  • use "Talk - to - Text" technology to help her with the writing process?
  • on-line math games to help strengthen her math skills?
Not this is any different for what I would do with any of my students.  But for some reason, I feel that this is what technology was created for: to assist those with disabilities.  Allow them to fully participate with success. Knowing what I do know, I cannot wait to see how all of the technology I have at hand will allow her to succeed!  I shall keep you posted!


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