I have high hopes for my incoming third graders: I hope that their classroom will have enough technology so that they can successfully cloud compute. 
  • I hope they will be able to create & use twitter accounts. (Currently have a classroom twitter account to keep their friends & families up - to - date with "what's happening" in our classroom.)  I can just see them creating their own personal learning networks / environments.  Tweeting what they are learning.  Reading what their classmates are doing & re-tweeting.   Posting questions that they need answered.  Using hash-tags to create their own chats. 
  • I hope that they will be able to use Four Square both in school & out of school.  I can picture our class out on field trips while they are "checking in" to our site.  Providing tips to their friends, families, & followers.  Participating in mobile interactive field trips that I've created for them. 
  • I hope they will be able to email experts in the field (any field).  Seeking the source to ask hard questions about topics that are of great interest to them.
  • I hope they are able to use Google Apps on a daily basis.  Using Google Docs as their workshop notebooks.  Choosing documents to store in their e-portfolio (google sites).  Creating graphs from data collected from their forms, which are then stored in excel.  Managing folders.  Collaborative drawings.  Collaborative PowerPoints.  I envision them continuing the work they began at school at home, on - line.
And more... I am hoping.

Right now there are 2 computers in my classroom.  That's right 2.  While I understand that may be 2 more than some classrooms, I... NEED more!  My use of technology in the classroom has grown exponentially over the last 3 years (even though I've used it all 9).

I have begged & pleaded for more computers in my room.  Two more have been dug up & I am HOPING that they will appear in my room before the school year begins.  My curriculum director has written & received grant monies for 2 additional computers in every elementary classroom.  I am hoping that they too will be installed before the school year begins.  That would bring me to 6 computers.  While not a 1:1 classroom, I can do a LOT with 6 computers!  And, hopefully, the Special Ed teachers down the hall will be kind enough to extend the use of their 2 computers to my students as they have these past 3 years.  That would give us 8 computers; creating a 1:2 classroom.  Imagine those possibilities!

I know that my current supply (2 computers) nowhere meets my current demand (20 netbooks).  Although I know that I cannot depend on anything other than the 2 currently in my classroom, I can't help but find myself arranging my classroom & planning as if I had those 8 (or even 20 netbooks that I've humbly requested).  At this point I don't what I'll end up doing if I stay with just 2 computers.  I hope that I will be able to rise above the disappointment & find a way to persevere. 


  1. It's good to hope...where would be without dreaming? I do have one suggestion - are you able to set up N computing? I increased my computers in my classroom that way. This does have some limitations, but is workable. I'm hoping your hopes are realized this year!


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