Be the Change

How do we create change?  BE the change we want to see.  Much easier to say it than to do it.  But...between what I've read (so far) this summer and conversations on Twitter (#edchat) I think there is a way.
  • Know what is important to you, in as specific terms as possible, & WHY it is important to you.
  • Use those beliefs to develop your ideal classroom; in classroom arrangement & instruction.
  • Have confidence that you are capable of doing what needs to get done.  You CAN create your ideal classroom.
  • Reflect on the good, the bad, AND the ugly.  We learn a lot when we think about why something did not work.
  • SHARE. Share with colleagues, peers, administrators, parents, & the community. 
  • Be bold, fearless, & thoughtful.  Try something new, but make sure there is purpose to it.
  • It never hurts to ask.  The worst someone can say is no.  No is an opportunity to create an alternative way to meet your desired outcome(s).
  • Remember why you teach.
With growing financial & access restraints, we need to be creative while standing by our beliefs.  If we want our students to be tech savvy, we need to become savvy ourselves.  If we want our students to be socially responsible with technology we have to know what that actually means to us.  If we want our students to be intrinsically motivated, independently continue their learning outside of school, we need to engage them.  If we want ALL children to have those opportunities we need to be transparent.  Our students need us to be the change. 


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