10 Ways to Effect Change

My intent is to stay focused on Cloud Computing, but I feel I need to go "off - topic".  I've been attending the Northeast Foundation for Children's annual Responsive Classroom All School Conference this week & have a few ideas brewing.  The theme of the conference is how to spread the Responsive Classroom philosophy school wide.  This is quite similar to the recent #edchat topics of ed reform.  How do we affect change?
  • Set long & short - term goals
  • Have a VISION
  • Be the MODEL 
  • Open your classroom; observation is a powerful tool
  • Provide training
  • Scaffold adult learners for success
  • Recognize a colleague's successes
  • Acknowledge struggles, frustrations, & difficulties others are having
  • Get administrative support
Many of these things are what we would do for our students when we want to affect their thinking, beliefs, etc.  Consider providing the same for our colleagues.  Honor the learning cycle, regardless of age.


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