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PK-5 in the LMC

As a classroom teacher, fourth grade was my jam!  When taught fifth grade, I worked to make it my jam.  When I became a third grade teacher, it took me a tick, but I made third grade my jam.   And then I became a Library Media Specialist.  I have the distinct pleasure of now teaching all grades PK-5.  I'll be honest.  I have been an educator just shy of 20 years and quite frequently I am struggling.  Anyone who teaches multiple grade levels over the course of a school year, week, and day know what I mean.
I am pretty in tune with third, fourth, and fifth graders.  Developmentally, I get and appreciate them. I intuitively know (for the most part) what I may need to tweak to help them be successful, when and how to use humor with them, and how to academically challenge them.  But the other grades, I am  teaching myself how to be a rockstar Media Specialist for them.  The first year as a LMS I decided to become a decent PK teacher librarian.  Let me be upfront and say that I consider…

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